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What is True Health Care Price Transparency?

Hospitals are not the only providers that provide health care. There are hundreds of other kinds of providers that we need pricing for: Family Practitioners, Cardiologists, Urgent Care Centers, Labs and so on.

But the posted price for each of these providers does not give true transparency. Spectis aggregates data from hundreds of sources to provide True Transparency.

Our Sources

Facility Chargemasters (MRFs)

Millions of Deidentified Claims

Medicare Fee Schedules

Coding Crosswalks


Quality Data

MIPs Data



Our Solution

Our SAAS analytic solution provides an intuitive web interface that allows you to query pricing across all providers in a geographic area for any type of service. The resulting query provides the following insights:


We have pricing for all services for providers across the United States.

Related Services

We have developed crosswalks for professional services to facility services, professional services to anesthesia services/radiology services and Lab Services. With these crosswalks, we can produce a list of pricing and benchmarks for the total episode of care no matter the setting.

Medicare Rate Benchmarking

No matter if the service is Professional, In-patient or Outpatient, we can benchmark the provider's charges against Medicare.

Quality Scoring

We can provide HCAHPS, MIPs and 5-Star Ratings.


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